Gain new target groups in Switzerland with us

These days, Swiss society is made up of a wide variety of different ethnic groups whose consumer behaviour differs depending on their home countries. If you want to address migrant groups in a targeted and successful way, we will help you with effective marketing measures aimed at specific ethnic groups. The right approach and the right tools will allow you to fully exploit the huge potential for marketing your products or services.

Our services

In the course of the development of campaigns and marketing strategies for the domestic market, those who are new to the country, and their habits and behaviour, which may be well be completely different, are all too often ignored. We will show you the relevant target groups, and reveal the potential they harbour when it comes to achieving your marketing aims. Taking your company’s requirements into account, we will develop comprehensive marketing concepts together with you. Media work, campaign planning and market observation ensure optimum exploitation of a specific market.

From the initial idea to market entry

As a one-stop, full-service agency offering a comprehensive portfolio of services, we will make your initial contact easier and help you to market successfully. Once we have jointly developed a catalogue of your requirements and intentions, we will implement all of the steps needed for market entry. From market research and media planning to setting up the actual marketing channels, and organising permanent public relations support, we will establish your presence on the Swiss ethnic minority market.

The professional translations, designs and graphics for the advertising materials you would like and need will all come from one source.

General and specialised tools

We offer all of the classic marketing tools. In addition, we also offer specific opportunities for accessing the ethnic markets, such as ethnicity-specific marketing channels, or target-group specific events and promotions. Our networks in the various migrant groups make it possible for us to ensure that you gain presence and leverage in your target groups for your direct marketing and promotional activities. Depending on the initial situation and your requirements, we will implement all TV, print and online advertising placements for you.

Your target groups

We will be happy to advise you if you would like to address marketing-relevant target groups originally from Albania, Bosnia, Italy, the Kosovo, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia or Turkey now living in Switzerland. Or maybe, you have a group in mind that is not listed above? Get in touch with us today.